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online orders

online orders


online orders

I have never had so much trouble trying to give my business to someone. I want to port across to Boost 8 mobile services presently with another provider. I was told by Boost I could order 8 starter kit sim cards online but would have to type in my details 8 times which is what I did yesterday. This morning I have received 7 emails from Telstra Team saying my order has been cancelled because the details I provided online could not be authenticated. I phoned Boost to ask why and got passed around 3 times and still could not get an answer but suggestions to try again but only to place 1 order per day or to go into one of the shops that sells the sim cards.

I said to the last person I spoke to that I just want to order 8 sim cards, one for each family member; why can't I finalise this online which is just very convenient for me. I gave up with frustration when the young lady suggested I try one of the shops.

Please Boost, you need to change your system so that more than 1 sim can be ordered online. Any security concerns should arise at the activation stage not the ordering of a sim card.

I invite a member of the Boost team to try an order more than 1 sim online and see what happens.

I have been told by friends the service is good and the pricing fair so i will persist.

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Re: online orders

Grab the $2 Boost sims at Coles. Can get as many as you like without issues.

* I am a Boost Australia customer. This is a peer to peer community where users help each other.