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disconnect + new ip every 5 mins

disconnect + new ip every 5 mins

Rookie (LVL:3)

disconnect + new ip every 5 mins

I have taken the whole description from another topic, because it exactly describes my issues..
When using mobile data, it disconnects every few minutes then reconnects

I just started using a boost prepaid plan yesterday, however when I tried to use my mobile data as a hotspot, the connection would automatically disconnect for around 10 seconds every few minutes before reconnecting again.


  • I noticed when trying to use a web browser whlilst disconnected I got a message saying there is an error with network protocol?
  • I also noticed that my data was being charged in 5 minute intervals on my boost mobile app, so I'm guessing something is causing my mobile data connection to disconnect every 5 minutes, before starting a new session again and having this process repeat itself?


Could this be something that I can fix by altering the settings on my phone?

Any help would be much appreciated

Rookie (LVL:3)

Re: disconnect + new ip every 5 mins

Since I am working with ssh, it disconnects me from the servers.

Every. Five. Minutes.

If it is not something that can be fixed, I will have to look for another provider. Smiley Sad