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Wifi calling on Samsung note+

Wifi calling on Samsung note+


Wifi calling on Samsung note+

Hi !


I have been using samung note 10 plus from a while now and I can see VOLTE activated on my phone however i dont know for what reason I cant see wifi calling signals on status bar!


Can someone help  me on this please?

Community Founder

Re: Wifi calling on Samsung note+

If  the wifi calling (or 4G calling) aren't showing up after being enabled within your phone settings, then possibly that feature is not enabled on the Boost end.

It should be enabled by default, but sometimes it is disabled within their system.

Best to call Boost support to get them to double check VoLTE is enabled for your service.

If it is, and it still doesn't work after a day or so, then possibly your phone is no supported. This can happen occasionally with phones bought from other network providers or from overseas.


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