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Wi-Fi Direct

Wi-Fi Direct


Wi-Fi Direct

Situation:  I need to establish a Wi-Fi Direct connection between a dash cam and an Alcatel U3 3G mobile just as I have successfully done between the same dash cam and a Moto 5G. 


With the U3, under the Add Network item I have been able to add the cam's SSID, security and password .  However, the U3 seems to not detect the cam (when the cam's Wi-Fi is "on") and does not list the cam's SSID as an available network on the Internet Connection list. 


The U3 does include the cam's SSID under "Saved Networks" where it appears in the list with the home Telstra Wi-Fi network but I can find no way of making the cam's network active on the U3.


On the U3, I have installed and am using the dash cam's app.  Given what I've outlined above, the app simply takes me back to the Internet settings of the phone.


I'll much appreciate assistance to resolve this problem.  I'm happy to provide any further detail. 


Thanks in advance.