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VoLTE not activating

VoLTE not activating

Rookie (LVL:3)

VoLTE not activating


I joined boost mobile yesterday, and one of the reason for joining was the ability to use VoLTE.

However its been over 12 hours and my calls still drop to 3G.


I have a iPhone XS and have followed the corrected insturction to engable VoLTE.


I have Voice and data for 4G turned on, and wifi calling turn on.



How can i get voLTE activate on my service? 

Rookie (LVL:3)

Re: VoLTE not activating

Having the exact same issue with VoLTE as well. Ported just under a week ago. VoWiFi is working just fine though. Have contacted Boost support several times to no avail. All they can do is 'refresh' the VoLTE/VoWiFi settings on their end and ask you to reset your mobile's network settings and power cycle your phone.


Even with all that VoLTE is still NOT working even though VoWiFi is.


Hope this is resolved soon because VoLTE is one of the main reasons I signed up to Boost Mobile.



Champion (LVL:1)

Re: VoLTE not activating

The activation process can take up to 24 hours to complete. If it Has been over this and is still not working correctly I would suggest speaking to support by phone or by live chat so they can have it looked into for you.

I assume that data is working correcting and that the apn is set to Telstra.wap?
Rookie (LVL:3)

Re: VoLTE not activating

well it has been since Thursday....


I'm assuming my wan is set right. my iPhone has only ever used Woolworths Mobile (Also telstra)


I've gotton WIFI calling to work on the phone, but not VoLTE.


Suppourt staff keep blowing me off and saying boost doesnt suppourt VoLTE

Rookie (LVL:3)

Re: VoLTE not activating

VoLTE update:


Just wanted to update everyone that is experiencing 4G VoLTE issues. I requested a blank SIM card from Boost after virtually throwing everying but the kitchen sink at this problem. That included called Boost/Telstra CS over half a dozen times.


I'm happy to report that after receiving a blank Boost SIM card just now and calling Boost CS to activate, VoLTE along with VoWiFi are both confirmed working.


Also, just a bit of context. I had ported over to Boost Prepaid from Belong Postpaid (Telstra wholesale network) so I believe this may have been the culprit (in my case at least) i.e. porting over from a Telstra reseller.


I suggest that anyone still experiencing VoLTE issues after contacting Boost/Telstra CS do the same.