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Using as mobile hotspot - settings

Using as mobile hotspot - settings

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Using as mobile hotspot - settings

I've got a couple of older 4g Vodafone mobile hotspots (R215 and R216H) that I'm planning to use with my Boost Sim for a few weeks.

The Sim is recognized (I either bought them unlocked or unlocked them myself, can't remember) but the performance seems pretty bad. Couple of tests I ran were 2 and 6 mbs download and 3 up both times. My regular phone is also on boost and same location getting 22 down,14 up. Although it's a VODA unit, it does allow admin user to set a custom connection, which I've done. The screenshot below is a generic one, not my settings.

The settings I've added are:

IP Type: IPv4

APN: telstra.wap

IPv4 number:*99#

SecuritySmiley TongueAP


..and that's it.

The unit is capable of 100 or 150 Mbs down, so I'm assuming it's not faulty, so is there anything else I should add to the settings that might improve things?


Thanks for any advice!





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Re: Using as mobile hotspot - settings

Most of the 4G/LTE coverage on Telstra network (especially non-metro) is on 700MHz (B28).

Looks like neither of these devices you are using support that LTE band.

Possibly your phone does though (which is why it gets better results).

* I am a Boost Australia customer. This is a peer to peer community where users help each other.