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RCS chat

RCS chat


RCS chat

Hi there


Pixel 4XL owner here. Up until this morning, chat features in Android Message app has been working fine. Since this morning, it has stopped. I turned off the feature and turned it on again via messaging settings and now I am getting the error "your operator doesn't support these features".


I have tried the steps in this support article to no avail. Has something gone amiss / Boost stopped supporting RCS?


Community Founder

Re: RCS chat

This week, Google started rolling out their own RCS server to all Australia carriers (so cross-carrier RCS now works). I think Telstra turned their RCS server off as a result.


You may need to reset the messages and carrier services data to have it work correctly.


1. Turn your phone onto Airplane mode

2. Go to your phone Settings > Apps

3. Find the "Messages" (Google) app 

4. Force close that app
5. Clear cache + data on the app

6. Find "Carrier Services" app
7. Force close that app
8. Clear cache + data on the app

9. Reboot the phone.

10. Turn off Airplane mode

11. Open Messages > Settings > Chat Features and then follow the prompts to confirm and verify your number for Chat Features (RCS). This step may take a few minutes.

* I am a Boost Australia customer. This is a peer to peer community where users help each other.


Re: RCS chat

I have been trying to get RCS to work again on my s20+ 5g. I've done everything. Even boost live chat couldn't help me, let alone who what RCS is. Has anyone got it to work on their S20?