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Phone won't connect to network.

Phone won't connect to network.

Rookie (LVL:3)

Phone won't connect to network.

Hi all.


I have a Samsung Note9 that's been on Boost for years now. Recently  I was chatting on the phone on my drive home. Lost signal in a bad spot (common) but it has never regained signal again. 


I get the error 'phone not for voice'.


If I go to network and auto or manual I get 'error while searching for networks'.


I put my sim in my wife's phone (moto g5) and it found the network (any other networks in signal range) and all was well. Put her Boost simply in mine and its  locked out and won't  find networks.

Borrowed an Optus sim and this appeared to work. Had Boost barred me?


I reset my phone but nothing helped. So I factory reset my phone. Then put my sim in and woo 'Boost' popped up. I then went to manual and auto network searching. Boost was also displayed but then died and went away. Once again I couldn't search for any networks. It's  just not interesting  in searching for any. Like the phone locks it all out.


I have tried Boost online chat three times. Each time I get put through to technical as their questions and suggestion  have already been done and my problem 

doesn't progress. Everytime I get transferred to technical  the chat never gets picked up again. Hours go by and technical  never pick it up. Three times. So I'm a bit disappointed  and don't really want to go through the same questions again to just get cut off for the forth time.


So thought I'd head to the forum to see if anyone has any idea. I'm also going to try Samsung too.