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PUK Code Retrieval

PUK Code Retrieval

Community Manager

PUK Code Retrieval

A PUK code is a 'Personal Unlocking Key' that protects and locks your SIM Card. Occaionally you may have reason us it to unlock your phone. 

There are several ways you can get your PUK code. 

On your SIM packaging
When you buy your SIM card, it’s attached to a larger piece of plastic that you pop it out of. That’s where you’ll find your PUK code. By default, your PIN code is the last 4 digits of your PUK code – but obviously if you’ve changed your PIN code yourself, this will no longer apply.

Retrieve it online
If you’ve thrown away the packaging that came with your phone, don’t stress. You can retrieve your PUK code online with your full name, mobile number and date of birth as shown on your account. Enter those details here and you’ll be provided with your PUK code.

Speak to one of our reps
You can always take the old-school option and chat to us on 125 8881 (8am-9pm, 7 days) or live chat (24hrs, 7 days). Our trained reps will have all the info you need.


Re: PUK Code Retrieval

I would like to know how to recieve my puk number please?

Re: PUK Code Retrieval

Hi @Hanhan2231


You can retireve your PUK code by one of the methods mentioned above.  If you have any issues just let us know.




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Re: PUK Code Retrieval

How do I figure out my mobile number?