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Old sim doesn't fit on New phone

Old sim doesn't fit on New phone

Rookie (LVL:4)

Old sim doesn't fit on New phone

Just purchased a new boost phone and went to swap in my old SIM and discovered it doesn't fit on the new phone. Suggestions?


Champion (LVL:1)

Re: Old sim doesn't fit on New phone

If the new phone uses a smaller sim, just check your current sim to see if the sim pops out at the smaller size. 


If the sim doesn't pop out or you need a bigger sim if you chat with support, you can do that by phone or by chat at the link below, they will send a new one out for you.

Rookie (LVL:4)

Re: Old sim doesn't fit on New phone

Grab a new $2 SIM from a store and call 02 9299 9655 or go online... They have the technology to change SIM card details on data systems.

It is under Communications Ombudsman that all Telcos have the ability to readily swap a SIM for a customer. Not just post one out... As suggested... That is a security risk using a postal system and with today's ease of use hacking and cloning tools I wouldn't allow a SIM to be posted.

If Boost won't help... Follow this:

Buy a new $2 SIM and transfer your old number to it when activating new SIM. Then recharge it. Boost technology allows this.