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New Year, new App launched for Boost Mobile Pre-Paid

New Year, new App launched for Boost Mobile Pre-Paid

Community Manager

New Year, new App launched for Boost Mobile Pre-Paid

As you may know, we making some changes to how we deliver the Boost Mobile Pre-Paid service to you. While lots of things remain the same (you are still getting great value) we made some improvements in other areas. One of those improvements is the New Boost app, called 'My Boost Mobile'.


Who Needs My Boost Mobile

Any Boost customer who is currently on the 'Boost Mobile Pre-Paid' plan. You may have activated on that plan yourself (from 2 Feb 2021) or you may have been migrated to the plan.

Customers on Boost Anytime Ultra or older plans can continue with the old app ('Boost Mobile'). However once you are migrated to Boost Mobile Pre-Paid plan, you must delete the old app and download My Boost Mobile.



What does My Boost Mobile App offer:


Creating a Digital Identity

To get the most out of the app you need to create a Boost Digital identity. It’s super easy to do - all you need to do is create a username and password, and remember them. If you already have a Telstra Digital identity (your login in for My Telstra app) you can use that for the My Boost Mobile App too.






·        Confirm the plan you are on

·        Download the plan details (the Critical Information Summary)

·        Review your usage history

·        Review your recharge history


·        Check your recharge balance

·        Recharge for someone else – i.e. top up your child’s Boost Mobile service

·        Manage your payment setting, save credit cards or set up auto recharge


Help Section

·        Review frequently asked questions

·        Link to our messaging site if you need help

·        Find Telstra coverage updates

·        Find a retailer

·        Give us feedback

Your profile

·        The usual admin stuff like your contact details, managing your Boost ID, app settings




Re: My Boost Mobile app – the new Boost App is here

I'm having an error registering for Boost ID. After providing all the details the next page pop up a message saying "Something gone wrong" Please refresh page. 

Do I need to use the mobile data while creating the ID or using wifi is okay? 

Rookie (LVL:3)

Re: My Boost Mobile app – the new Boost App is here

I ahve a IPhone 6 plus.  Every time I try to log on to the app the log on page goes blank. So much for your improved app.

Community Founder

Re: My Boost Mobile app – the new Boost App is here

For those having issues with this new app, an important clause to note....


My Boost Mobile app is only compatible for customers who have been updated to our latest Boost Mobile Pre-Paid plans. If you are still on Boost Anytime Ultra, Anytime Plus, Unlimited Plus, or Unlimited you need to keep the original app for now.




* I am a Boost Australia customer. This is a peer to peer community where users help each other.