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Netgear nighthawk m2 not working on boost

Netgear nighthawk m2 not working on boost

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Netgear nighthawk m2 not working on boost

Hi Boost Forums and Boost Support,

I have purchased a new SIM to use Data only in a 4G Modem (Netgear Nighthawk M2).

The SIM has been activated and recharged to the 12 month $300 plan with 240gb.

The Netgear Nighthawk M2 works natively with Telstra SIMs and I had reason to believe after talking to a Boost rep that there would be no difficulties.



The SIM is showing as no service; and common error messages appear saying please insert SIM or ensure SIM is inserted properly. Has anyone had any experience with using Boost in 4G Modems?



I have been experimenting with using other options of Telstra's APN settings

The Modem has been reset.

To update firmware I will require a working SIM... (May require me to spend more on a working Telstra or Optus prepaid)

There is reception in the location as I currently use Boost on my primary SIM and my partner uses Telstra on her phone.


Note: I am forced to use 4G as I live rurally and have no access to ADSL or NBN.


Any assistance would be awesome!

Kind regards,

Levi Green


Community Founder

Re: Netgear nighthawk m2 not working on boost

Have you tried putting the Boost sim in a phone to see if it works that way?


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