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Messagebank Timezone

Messagebank Timezone

Amateur (LVL:3)

Messagebank Timezone

I have an issue that I can't get resolved. A few months back I "ported" myself, the wife and my parents from Telstra to Boost. Since then, if an incoming call goes to messagebank, the reported time in the sms (ie "Hang Up Message: 04xxxxxxxx reach your MessageBank on 11/07/2013 at 11:30....") and the time mentioned by the messagebank (robot) lady if they did leave a message is wrong – 1:30hrs ahead of Perth time.


I have tried ringing Boost Tech support and guiding them towards changing the MSA to Perth. The closest I got was the operator actually finding the MSA, telling me it says Brisbane and then admitting she can't change the value. She then dropped back to the old line of 'turn off you phone/reset/etc'.


Can anyone with a more intimate knowledge of Telstra's (Boost) systems guide me in how to coach the operator to actually change this setting? I am assuming that the MSA is the cause of the issue.


I don't have this issue on my Boost number, just the wife and parents.

Professional (LVL:1)

Re: Messagebank Timezone



Possibly try contacting someone directly from Boost such as James or any of the Boost members here on PM on Facebook.


They might be able to get something done about it, in all honestly I have never had or heared of this.




Boost Alumni (Retired)

Re: Messagebank Timezone

Hi treebz,


I trust this issue has now been resolved and the Timezone has been successfully changed to Perth time.


I can confirm it was an issue on our end which we have now rectified.


I have also passed on your feedback around the assistance you received over the phone.