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MessageBank® – Everything you need to know

MessageBank® – Everything you need to know

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MessageBank® – Everything you need to know

How to set up MessageBank®

  1. Call 101 from your mobile
  2. Follow the prompts to set up your personal greeting and MessageBank PIN

MessageBank Diversion

You can alter how long your phone rings before being diverted to MessageBank. To divert calls after:

  • 30 seconds, dial *61*101**30#
  • 15 seconds, dial *61*101**15#
  • 5 seconds, dial *61*101**5#

How to activate or cancel hang-up messages

Hang-up messages are missed call notifications that send you an SMS when the caller hangs up after you greeting plays.

To activate or cancel hang-up messages:

  1. Call 101 from your Boost mobile
  2. Press 3 for ‘Mailbox Setup’
  3. Press 5 for ‘Other Mailbox Options’
  4. Press 6 for ‘Hang-up Messages’
  5. Follow the prompts to turn on or off

How to extend your ring time

  1. On your Boost mobile dial **61*101** (number of seconds: 15, 20, 25 or 30) #
  2. Press the Call/Send button

(For example, to extend your ring time to 30 seconds, you would dial **61*101**30#)


How to change your personal greeting

To change your personal greeting, follow the steps below:

  1. Call 101
  2. After listening to your messages, return to the MessageBank® main menu
  3. Press 3 for ‘Mailbox Setup’
  4. Press 1 for ‘Greetings’
  5. Press 1 to re-record your personal greeting

If you have difficulties managing your MessageBank® service call 125 102, enter your mobile phone number and follow the prompts.


How to cancel MessageBank

  1. Dial #002# from your Boost mobile and press Call/Send
  2. Your mobile phone will display a message confirming MessageBank has been cancelled.

When MessageBank® is cancelled, Message2Text will automatically be enabled. Message2text converts a 10 second voice message directly to a text message, without you having to dial 101.

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Re: MessageBank® – Everything you need to know

101 message bank is not available from my service?? I want to set up message bank with audio text messages please. 

Rookie (LVL:3)

Re: MessageBank® – Everything you need to know

I'm having this problem as well.

Customer service didn't find any problems with my account, and I have done basic trouble shooting (taking sim out, turning off/on).

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Rookie (LVL:3)

Re: MessageBank® – Everything you need to know

All fixed! 

After doing basic trouble shooting, I contacted the livechat (via a link from another forum post  , not the chatbot on the mainpage). They were able to take a better look at my messagebank set-up, and let me know it can take up to 24 hrs for their changes to take effect.


It takes some time for them to find the problem (I think it is more complicated than it seems), but was totally painless for me. So if you've already tried contacting them, give it another go when you have time to spare.