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Message2Text Service while overseas

Message2Text Service while overseas

Rookie (LVL:3)

Re: Message2Text Service while overseas

@pvandenh wrote:

Dial that number. It will basically do the call forward settings for you. Trial it now, and then call your mobile from another number, and then you will hear what it sounds like to callers.


**21*+61418707111*10# sets you phone to "Always forward to Message2Txt".


##21**10# sets your phone back to how you had it before that (normal).


Personally, I just save those numbers as a contact on my phone. I name them "Roaming divert" and "Normal divert". Makes it easy to set it on/off, just by selecting and dialing the contact.


Im in UK at the moment.


This has worked for my personal phone but for some reason did not on my work phone.


I realised I needed Volte turned off in mobile settings in case anyone else has this issue.