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MMS - received pictures too small

MMS - received pictures too small

Rookie (LVL:3)

MMS - received pictures too small

So every time I take stock to saleyards my agent sends me a screencap picture of the report via sms. Every time I try and view it it's too blurry to read. The received image size is 11kb.


My wife sends me a photo of our daughter at the school cross country day. The photo is compressed to 394x479 at 42kb from over 1mb on her phone.


Have checked all messaging app settings, the only applicable setting relates to outgoing message size limits with I have set to 2mb. No settings for receive size limits. Have tried stock messaging app, textra, chompsms. On HTC U11+.


Why is boost compressing mms so much? Whats the point of having multimedia messages if they are unusable? Having unlimited mms as a selling point of a plan isn't that great when the mms seem to be very limited.

Rookie (LVL:4)

Re: MMS - received pictures too small

tell me about it.

its a joke..its the only reason why i'm not a proper boost customer.

why is it that with aldi mobile, mms photos come in at around 1.5mb 

but with boost they are reduced to 40kb??

same phone, and telstra network..yes aldi mobile is a mvno...but youd think boost mobile would be better.

Rookie (LVL:4)

Re: MMS - received pictures too small

The sender's Mobile is the one compressing the document or photo ... May not be Boost fault.

It also could be sender's phone setting.

I know Boost is a cheaper cut down service of Telstra running out of Philippines... But the there are so many factors on SMS sending.

Check your ROAMING Settings and turn them off.