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MMS not working

MMS not working

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Re: MMS not working

Welcome to Boost, Martin! Great to hear it came good for you.
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Re: MMS not working

I have a Samsung Galaxy note 2 and mms will just not send.

I get the small little turning wheel next to picture.

Settings are the same as in this thread.

Can anyone help me please?




** Update got it working sorry guys**

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Re: MMS not working

I FOUND THE FIX.... should work for any phone but I've only tested it using two iPhone 3s. 


Use your phone to send a text containing a photo to 176667 - you will then get a text back from Telstra saying that MMS has been enabled. 


Once this has happend you will be able to view text messages with photos on your handset without having to visit the telstra website. 


For more info visit:

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Re: MMS not working

it didn't work for mine.

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Mobile Data


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As well as trying everything above:

Switch your Phone OFF, then on again.

Make sure that your Mobile Data is Enabled.


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Kind regards
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Re: MMS not working

I followed your advice & im now back in business! TY


Re: MMS not working

I switched to a new iPhone 6 yesterday my MMS stopped working. Now I have no service whatsoever. I cannot call anyone or send text at all after resetting the subscriber settings.