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How do I use my phone overseas?

How do I use my phone overseas?

Community Manager

How do I use my phone overseas?

International roaming is active on all Boost accounts (unless you have previously turned it off by contacting customer support). This means you can receive SMS while overseas.


To make or receive calls or send SMS while overseas, you’ll need to:

  1. Ensure international roaming is turned on
  2. Top up your prepaid plan with a $5 Add-On

(If you joined Boost between 12 July 2016 - 31 October 2017 and have not changed your offer, you’ll need a $15 Bolt-On. If you joined before 12 July 2016, you’ll need a $10 Add-On)


Roaming is available in most countries commonly visited from Australia. International roaming rates are higher than rates within Australia. Check call rates for the country you’re visiting here.


If you need customer support from overseas, please contact Telstra direct on +61 439 125 109 toll free and say you are a Boost customer.


As our international service is limited, we recommend you grab a local SIM/use WiFi and keep your Boost service for emergencies only.


Re: How do I use my phone overseas?

None of the suggestions work.

Ported to the Boos0 $100 for Six months plan, from Vodafone several weeks ago  and since doing so have had no connectivity while Roaming in NZ and Thailand.

Made 3 x $5 top ups

Does anyone know what the issue here is please?