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Having troubles with MY phone

Having troubles with MY phone


Having troubles with MY phone

I sent my son down to 7-Eleven gas stationTo get minutes for my phone.He paid for it and came backWith the receiptAnd I looked at it and he had gave them the wrong number, the right number is REMOVED and my son gave the cashier REMOVED . Now I do not know this person or anything, all I know is my mins went on the wrong phone number n my phones still off. I need this fixed asap cuz my phone is the way I work n it already been off for a week n a half now. Plz help me. I sent a pic of the Receipts Front and back to show u tht I paid for it and everything plzzzzzzzzzzz help me.                       Autumn

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Re: Having troubles with MY phone

Are you sure you have the correct "Boost Mobile"?

This is the community forums for Boost Australia.



* I am a Boost Australia customer. This is a peer to peer community where users help each other.