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Forwarding calls

Forwarding calls

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Forwarding calls

I have a Boost prepaid mobile service and I am going to Hawaii next week.  I do not need to bring my phone and would like to know whether I can forward any calls to my husband's phone who is going with me.  Is there any additional cost, and do I have to recharge the service before I leave (it runs out 2 days before departure).

Community Founder

Re: Forwarding calls

Hi lizziebeth,


You will need to recharge your service plus recharge with add-on credit.


Call diversion (forwarded calls) are charged at $0.89/60 second block (or part) + 39c connection fee, and is charged to your add-on credit balance.


The divert all calls to your husband's mobile, simply dial ** 21 * 0400123123 # and press call, where 0400123123 is your husband's mobile number.


Enjoy your time away in Hawaii!