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Credit Card Update

Credit Card Update

Rookie (LVL:4)

Credit Card Update

How do I update my credit card details? It expires in May. I have the automatic recharge set up.  Cheers, Matt.

Community Founder

Re: Credit Card Update

Hi Matt

The same way you set up auto recharge... that's what you have to do again to register your new credit card details.

I know it's not an entirely convenient way to do it, but it's the only one available. Just as well credit cards only expire ever three years :-)
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Boost Care: 125 8881 or 1800 026 678 . Or Live Chat 24x7:
Community Founder

Re: Credit Card Update

in order to change your credit card details you will have to manually recharge your service and select "Enter New Credit Card details" this will automatically delete your saved details. once you have successfully recharge it will ask you once again if you would like to save the details you need to select Yes and enter a new PIN to save your details.

Then go back to Home - select recharge - auto recharge - and enter the date that you prefer.


Please remember that everytime that you enter new credit card details the auto recharge information will be deleted at the same time. 

If you were able to get the answer pls don't forget to mark the post as an Accepted Solution. If you also found someone helpful do not forget to give them Kudos to show your appreciation." None of us here are working for Boost or Telstra we are just here to help and share.
Rookie (LVL:4)

Re: Credit Card Update

It was not mentioned that if you update your credit card in the middle of an auto recharge cycle you FORFEIT the remaining balance.  That is simply THEFT and a ridiculous accounting system!  Don't bother calling to query or complain as you just get the time wasting run around from an overseas call centre.

Rookie (LVL:3)

Re: Credit Card Update

The credit card option does not work and the PayPal option does not work. I have been trying to sort it out for two months now as I am trying to close a bank account. Last time I called them they told me I had to wait until the end of the month. I did as they asked but I still can’t get it sorted. I have now been charged and overdraw fee and I can work out how to recharge my boost account. I am a developer and I have been stumped for two hours now. The app is making me feel stupid
Professional (LVL:1)

Re: Credit Card Update

Hi Darwinsam,

When all else fails, ring Boost's Corporate Head Office in Sydney (AEST business hours).

I have called and asked for a 'Team Leader' [TL] to deal with problems on three occasions, with good results. Non of the BS that sometimes comes from even some Telstra Supervisors, at the Boost overseas call centre. [Not always their fault, just badly trained in Boost's systems!].


Remember to NOT get put through to the O/S call centre. Tell Operator that there is a specific "finaancial/ billing system problem" that only a head Office TL can can deal with. You may get directly through to a TL, but not the specialist you need. Make sure that you get the name of 1st contact, in case you have to chase up in a couple of days. [Only had to once]. They should be able to sort it for you. [I am having to negotiatethe same crap 'change card system', for a change of bank, later this week. See how I go!!

Call 02 9299 9655 for Boost's Head Office. [This is NOT the Telstra overseas contracted system, that you have dealt with prior.] Number came from White Pages, a few yearsago. 

Good Luck, Shalama.



Re: Credit Card Update

thankyou for setting me up