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Correct customer service number

Correct customer service number


Correct customer service number

Does anyone know the correct number for boost mobile customer service? Each time I call the ones listed, I get connected to assaured wirwless.

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Customer Service Number

Hi LauraR

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The correct Customer Service Number number is 125 8881.


Please feel free to call Boost Customer Service on 125 8881 or connect to Boost Live Chat.


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Re: Correct customer service number

08443069172 is a correct phone number to connect Boost Mobile. If you required complet details about Boost Mobile, their chat support, Email address and business address you can find it here.


Re: Correct customer service number

My sim card is not working

Re: Correct customer service number

Hi @Dheeraj9387


Sorry to hear you're having issues with your SIM card.  Please contact Boost Customer Service on 125 8881 (8am - 9pm AEST 7 days a week) or click on the following link and select Chat With Us   Boost Help Page




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