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Everyone wants to last the distance…. So we thought we’d give you some helpful hints on how to save data, just in case you’re one of those data hungry folk, finding it hard to make those GB’s last the 30 days.  1. When you’re not using your mobile data, turn it off!  - This hint has been proven to work 30% of the time, every time!     2. Be aware when watching movies on your phone J - We know it’s ridiculously awesome that you can now watch full length movies on your handset, but it really doesn’t help your data usage at all! Try keep video consumption to a minimum if you can. Pretty please.   3. Why not Wi Fi! – McDonalds, your school and even your local cafe offer FREE Wi Fi. So why not take advantage of it and stop chewing through your own hard earned data.   4. GPS actually stands for Wastes All Data – Although it’s cool letting all your friends know where you are 24/7, GPS actually goes through a heap of data. Why not embrace the ninja and go stealth.   I’ve also listed tips specifically for iOS7 and Android that you should check out.     If you have any other helpful hints be sure to let us know    
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