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We're often asked questions around tethering your mobile handset whilst using a Boost Mobile service so I thought I'd share some kep points with you.   Tething or Hotspotting is when you use your mobile phone to supply an internet source to another device either over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or cable. This is a feature of most new smartphones and isn't controlled by Boost Mobile.   When using this feature, any internet usage used by the device you have conntected to your mobile handset will be deducted from your current inclunsions (etiher from your latest UNLTD® recharge or Add On credit).   There is no additional cost for this feature.    If you're having difficulties using this service, please ensure that you do have adequate data usage as well as trying these simple trouble shooting steps. If that still doesn't work, please call Boost Mobile on 1258881 or use their live chat service.
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