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Heading overseas with Boost mobile?   Here is a few tips to help you while "roaming".   Firstly, you need to make sure you know the rates, and have some Boost "Add on" credit applied to your account. Roaming call rates can be found here (greyed out countries means the International Roaming is unavailable for prepaid) International Roaming Prepaid for Telstra   You will notice that making AND receiving calls plus using data is VERY expensive. Even retrieving traditional MessageBank voicemails while roaming is expensive. So instead, I choose to rely on SMS while roaming as the rates are much better (SMS in most countries is 65c to send, and free to receive).   To do that, I disable all incoming calls. And force those caller messages to come to me via SMS (free to receive). This is how I do it.   On your phone, firstly you want to make sure "data roaming" is disabled. In Android, this is in Setting > More Settings > Mobile Network > Data Roaming (make sure it is unticked). I leave it always unticked, as I never want to use data while roaming.   Next, stop incoming calls coming to your phone (which you will pay for otherwise, if answered). You should have a menu option for Call Settings. You want to find the Call Forwading options.   Normally (say if you have Messagebank/voicemail running) it will be as per below: Always forward = Disabled Forward when busy = Forward to +61101 Forward when unanswered = Forward to +61101 Forward when anreachable = Forward to +61101   When roaming overseas, I simply modify the first option to: Always forward = +61 418 707 111 This setting will grey out all the other options below it. * You can dial a number to enable that setting quickly. Dial **21*+61418707111*10#.   Your callers will now be directed to the free Message2Txt service instantly without ringing on your phone (they leave a 10 second voicemail message, which is translated into a SMS and sent to you). The translation sometimes isn't very accurate, but it does pass along the callers phone number also, so you know who it was that called.   While this setting is enabled, SMS will still send/receive as normal, but no calls will come into your phone. You can make calls still though if needed (very expensive, but it is an option if you need it). If I need to call someone back, I normally use hotel/cafe WIFI, and use Skype or VoIP services to call.   When you get back from overseas, you just need to go back into that call setting menu and change the "Always forward" back to "disabled". Your normal voicemail options will go straight back to how you had it before. * If you want to dial a number to disable the setting quickly, dial ##21**10#.   It is smart to have a quick play with this while you are still in Australia, just so you work out how it all works, and what the caller will hear (try calling your number to hear the setting, and leave a message etc). I normally run this setting while at the airport about to board the plan (killing some time), and then change it back to normal when I arrive back home (waiting for luggage/taxi).
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