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What do I do if I’ve lost my phone?

Losing your phone these days can be pretty devastating with the amount of information we keep in them let alone having to worry about someone else having the ability to pose as you to your friends and family.


Different phones have different security options available to you so I’d strongly recommend you look into these whilst setting your phone up (no point checking them out when you no longer have your phone). The 2 big, preinstalled options are “Find my iPhone” and “Android Device Manager”.


You’ll also need to get a new SIM card to replace the one you’ve lost. This will serve 2 purposes. Firstly, it’ll disable the original SIM preventing it from being used by anyone else and secondly, it’ll transfer your account across so you can use the same number and any remaining credit you have. To order a new SIM, you’ll need to give Boost support a call on 1258881 or use their live chat service.


At the point of contacting boost, if you are concerned about someone else using your service, you may also like to request Call Barring. If you do this, remember you’ll need to have it de-activated when you get your new SIM.

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