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How do I extend the ring time of my Boost Mobile?

Sick of running across the room to answer your phone only to get there one ring too late? Well then check out this helpful tip to give you more time before you miss a call.


If you dial this simple code into your phone you can choose how long it rings for before it diverts to messagebank or hangs up. You just need to go into your phone dialler (as if you were going to make a call) and enter **61*101**(Number of seconds)#. So, let’s say you want your phone to ring for 30 seconds then you’d enter **61*101**30# and press send/call. It’s that easy!


Here are a few things you should remember:

  • The default ring time is 15 seconds
  • You must select ring times in 5 second increments (15, 20, 25 etc)
  • 30 seconds is the maximum you can select
  • If you want to reset everything back to the default then enter ##004# and press send/call

If you have any troubles at all make sure you give us a call on 1258881 or chat to us.

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