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Data Health Check



Have you been running down your data credit faster than you used to? Regularly running out of credit before pay day?


Never fear. Perform the Data Heath Check below to work out how you can fix your data woes.


Get Connected


  • Do you regularly find yourself watching videos, downloading photos or streaming music on the go? It might be using up more data than you realise. We recommend doing data-intensive tasks while you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

  • Try downloading your new favourite song or podcast before you leave the house. You could even make downloading content on Wi-Fi part of your morning routine.

Check your settings


  • Sometimes the settings on your phone will use data in the background without your knowledge. Try turning mobile data off when you’re using Wi-Fi, or on the apps that you only use at home.

  • You can also change your settings to limit background updates that use data. Turn off background refresh and automatic updates, and turn off mobile data on data-intensive apps like YouTube. You can also turn off settings on individual apps, like the auto-play video feature on Facebook and Instagram, or fetching email.

  • Have a poke around in your phone and app settings and see how many mobile data updates you can switch off.

This is not the place


  • If you’re trying to lower your data use, think about which data-intensive websites and apps you’re using. Always keep in mind that some sites use more data than others. Avoid sites like YouTube, Spotify and web based games when you need to conserve your data.

Take advantage


  • Make sure you’re aware of offers of bonus data you may be eligible for, what calls cost the most and when peak rates apply. You could also take advantage of free Wi-Fi – there are lots of hotspots around if you know where to look. 

Turn it off


  • You can turn data off on most devices. If you only make calls and send texts, or you are nearing the end of your credit but you don’t want to recharge, simply turn data off for a while.


If you do all of these things and you still find that you’re having trouble with your data, you might want to consider changing plans. Check out our rates and plans

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