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update plans and rip off recharge

update plans and rip off recharge


update plans and rip off recharge

I have 2 accounts with Boost. The first one is my phone the other one my wifes. Back at the end of May my plan was upgraded, nothing to do according to the notificatiions. Bull**bleep**!, my service was cut off, I had to re=apply for a service, lost all carry over data, auto recharge cancelled, got charged twice for the recharge, could not get reinstate auto recharge.

Should have got wise then I suppose.

So now my wifes phone, a 12 montyh plan and has been for a number of years which reneews in September. Had notifications about an upgrade happening about 10th September. Had a number of reminders to recharge which was not due until 12th September but wife waas getting anxious with all the reminders so recharged on September 8th for 12 months. Today comes the message that recharge will expire on 20th September, not even 2 weeks after the recharge was made.

Then as everyone already knows the computer won't let you talk to anyone, and the famous "mesage us" button does not appear even when the adblocker is turned off.

The telecommunocations ombudsman might have a phone conyact I suppose

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Re: update plans and rip off recharge


It might be worthwile checking the expiry balance entries on the app. If you have recharged early, your old recharge is still also valid until it expires..So you may have the initial expiry for say September 2021 (which could be what the reminder is talking about, and can be ignored), plus an additional entry for September 2022.

* I am a Boost Australia customer. This is a peer to peer community where users help each other.

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Re: update plans and rip off recharge

since boost released the new plans everything has gone bad... there is not excuse for such treatment for people how has been long lasting coustomers. I guess you are a number at the end of the day.