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recharge beforee expiry date

recharge beforee expiry date


recharge beforee expiry date

Hi there,


My current 12-month prepaid plan will end on 13/08/2020, however, I saw there is a campaign of $50 discount to get 12 month plan at the moment.


So my question is if I recharge/renew that 12-month prepaid plan today online, when will be my new expiry date? is it 23/06/2021 or 13/08/2021. Thanks in advance.


Kindest regards


Community Founder

Re: recharge beforee expiry date

The expiry date is calculated from the date you apply it. It doesn't "stack" or "extend" existing recharges, and you will be losing your balance of current plan.


Also note, most of the current promotions are for new customer sim packs (value is loaded onto the sim itself), and are not for existing customer recharge purposes.There has been some recharge promotions through retailers in the past, but none for a few months now unfortunately.

* I am a Boost Australia customer. This is a peer to peer community where users help each other.

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Re: recharge beforee expiry date

can I recharge for $150 and carry forward my remaining data?