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misinformation on 1300/13 numbers

misinformation on 1300/13 numbers

Amateur (LVL:2)

misinformation on 1300/13 numbers

While trying to call a 1300 number today on one of my boost services I was greeted with a "you are out of credit" message. This is on a 12month UNLTD $150 plan with 4 months of expiry left, data available and it works for all other calls. Calling the same 1300 number works on my other boost service (same plan and inclusions).

I hopped on live chat and was told at various times throughout that:
1. 1300 are premium numbers and not included
2. 1300 numbers are 'operator assisted' calls and not included
3. 1300 numbers are not Australian numbers
4. I need to reload $5 credit on my UNLTD 12 month plan (is this even possible??)
5. Only 1300 numbers which "belong to boost or Telstra" are included
6. My device needs a restart
7. It must be my device as it works on the other phone (swapping sim cards had same result)
8. Must be my sim, even though it works for all other numbers and is a network message which tells me I am out of credit.

I linked them to some the boost community threads where nefy or pvndenh (and one which has both!) say that 1300 numbers are included:
"Boost UNLTD covers UNLTD calls, sms, MMS, message bank retrieval to all standard AU numbers including 13, 1300 and 1800."
"Yes. 13/1300/1800 and Voicemail calls are all included."
"Yes. 13, and 1300 calls are included as part of UNLTD." AND "13, 1300 and 1800 numbers are included."

One of the reps even "hung up" on me on chat when I posted the threads.
These were all time stamped at the same minute:
Marian Joy:
As much as I would love to Leyton, it shows on our system that it is not a standard Australian number.
Marian Joy:
Are you still there?
Marian Joy:
I haven't heard from you for a while, I'll close the chat now.

So why is the boost community forum so at odds with 3 of the chat reps (including a supervisor). Why does the critical information statement not specifically include/exclude 1300 numbers as clearly this is a question that has to be asked over and over in this forum and why do the chat reps seem to know so little about the plans or the inclusions?
Rookie (LVL:3)

Re: misinformation on 1300/13 numbers

I went through the same experience and created a new topic as didn't see yours.
After FIVE calls to their call centre (recording each call on mobile) each agent gave me a *different* answer and also *changed* their answer through the call!

1 - cannot make calls to 13/1300/1800 numbers.
2 - can make 1300 + 1800 but no 13 numbers.
3 - must purchase addon for 13/1300 calls.
4 - all calls included except satellite and 19xx numbers.
5 - can make 1800 but no 13/1300.

Seriously? 🤬 WTF! 🤬

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Read their critical information summary. That's where I answered all my questions!

Alternate Boost Contact Details??
Contact their corporate head office and record the call as evidence. Phone: 02 9299 9655.

What annoys me is how vague everything is.... What are "standard calls"??? Mobile to overseas home phone, or, mobile to overseas home phone AND overseas mobile?

Which countries include calls to both Landlines AND Mobiles???? Eg. AU to UK calls inc. only landlines or inc. landline and mobile calls???

Why can't boost be more concise and clear about their plans!! No where does it even say the 1200 included calls includes or excludes SMS to 30 destinations, ie. meaning 1200 Calls + SMS (ie. = 300 calls + 900 SMS), or.... 1200 calls and 1200 SMS!

ANSWER: I called up and "1200 Calls to 30 Destinations " apparently actually means: "1200 Calls (and 1200 SMS) to 30 Destinations" 😂

I could go on for an hour on how vague their website and critical information summary is, plus the terms and conditions!

Service provided by Telstra Corporation Limited ABN 33 051 775 556. For personal use only and subject to Telstra FairPlay Policy on unreasonable use.

UNLTD Calls and Texts excludes calls and text to international numbers, satellite and premium numbers (eg. 19xx numbers), operator assisted calls (most 12xx numbers) and all use overseas.

Similar information available in their terms of use: