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Sim stop working overseas

Sim stop working overseas


Sim stop working overseas

Hi team,


I am in the UK and I have been here since June. When I first came here, my sim still worked and can search and use a local mobile network. 


However, it just stopped working now (I can't remember since when). The phone only shows "Emergency calls only" and there are cross marks on the network icon.


WeChat Image_20210831123834.jpg


I really need my sim to work since it still links to my Australian bank account and need to receive sms for verification codes.


What should I do now?

Community Founder

Re: Sim stop working overseas

A few things to check :


Do you have any recharge active on the sim? Otherwise your service would be disconnected after 6 months without any valid recharge.


Are you connected via WiFi? Telstra/Boost has stopped their prepaid roaming arrangements for the medium term. But some people mention they can still connect via wifi for calls/sms (if your phone supports the Telstra VoLTE setting etc).

* I am a Boost Australia customer. This is a peer to peer community where users help each other.