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Hi, I am going to overseas soon and I would like to turn on internal roaming for my boost SIM card.


1. I would like to buy the $15 add-on, but how to purchase this?

2. How do I turn on roaming or check if it's turned on?



Community Founder

Re: Roaming

International roaming is turned on by default with Boost. No further steps needed.


The roaming add-on package can be bought through the Boost app, or via dialing #111# from you phone and following the screen prompts.

Be aware, that the roaming rates found here with apply

As you can see from the rates, calls (making and receiving) and data are expensive when roaming, so I suggest keeping an eye on your usage. And for data, the$15 add-on will only give you about 5MB ($3 per MB) before you run out of add-on credit.




* I am a Boost Australia customer. This is a peer to peer community where users help each other.