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Recharging someone else,s mobile

Recharging someone else,s mobile

Amateur (LVL:2)

Recharging someone else,s mobile

What is required for someone eles to recharge your account for you , say when your overseas and they could recharge your account in australia for you.

Boost Alumni (Retired)

Re: Recharging someone else,s mobile

Hi Marto61, 

There are four ways to recharge:

  1. On our app – download android download ios
  2. Online
  3. Dialing #111# from your phone (this may not work whilst overseas)
  4. from your phone’s browser

You can pay with a credit card, PayPal or a voucher purchased from a retailer. We also have an auto recharge option, so you can set that up and concentrate on more important things.

As a last resort, if you have friend or family in Australia, have them purchase a recharge voucher for you (they will only need your mobile number) and call Boost 1258881 to manually recharge your service (not recommended but is a last resort option if you are stuck.)