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Recharging Boost Annual Package

Recharging Boost Annual Package

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Recharging Boost Annual Package



I am in Boost $150 annual package and I believe I can access unlimited calls to 25 countries. This is a package that Boost is no longer advertising on the website.


When I try to recharge, I see an option of $300 that includes 30 countries, but on their website, the same package says access to 20 countries? Is it a typo? Or, I will have access to 30 countries?

Whats the go?

Community Founder

Re: Recharging Boost Annual Package

You are on the old Anytime Plus $150/80GB/year plan, by the sounds of it.

That old offer has different inclusions to the current offer.


See the CIS document in the link below for the inclusions (and countries) in your old plan.



* I am a Boost Australia customer. This is a peer to peer community where users help each other.