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Recharge for half price of $40 data plan

Recharge for half price of $40 data plan


Recharge for half price of $40 data plan


My name is huichun and my phone number with your company is <Removed for Privacy>. I saw your advertisement online that there is half price promotion of $40 data plan which is now only $20. I click "recharge it now " button on the your webside, input my mobile phone number and select $40 plan as you guys request on the first page of ad, but it still charged us $40 which is full price not half price at all. Could you please help me to fix it ?




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Re: Recharge for half price of $40 data plan

You may have missed the note on the promo saying...



It is designed for a new customer signing up and getting a new sim pack posted to them, not for subsequent recharges for existing customers.

Also note, this is a community forum, so is only manned by fellow customers. You will need to call Boost support if you require billing assistance.

* I am a Boost Australia customer. This is a peer to peer community where users help each other.


Re: Recharge for half price of $40 data plan

I did the same today with the $30 recharge plan - and I am a new customer. Didn't get it for $15 as advertised. Website very misleading. I'll probably get the response that it's because I bought the new SIM card and didn't have it posted to me. But in times of Covid getting anything posted is a nightmare. But fingers crossed - I will ring Boost Support. 

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Re: Recharge for half price of $40 data plan

Hi, I am a new customer, first recharge. Clicked on the $40 plan which is advertised for $20 to new customers and online recharge. No joy, charged me $40 with no extra data. Changed to boost for their buget plans, guess I will have to look elswere after this recharge is up if this can't   be rectified. Hoping for some help.