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Poor network

Poor network


Poor network

I had 40$ plan but I got only 3gb data
Community Manager

Re: Poor network

Hi Pinde, 

The best way to check your balance, usage and recharge is on the Boost Mobile App available for iPhone and Android. For all other phones, you can do this online from your phone’s browser or by dialing #111# from your phone.

You can also check your phones usage as per below:
Go to iPhone's settings app.
Tap on "Cellular," then scroll down to "Cellular Data Usage."
You'll see your data usage (sending and receiving) over the cellular network for the current period, as well as call time in the section above it.


Navigate to the Android settings menu.
Tap "Data Usage."
Select the dates next to "Data usage cycle," and Change cycle.
You can then see the app by app breakdown of your usage.

If you believe there has been an error with with your data usage, you will need to speak to Boost support to investigate as we cannot access or discuss private account/service information via the Community Forum for privacy purposes. 

You can find the Boost Live chat and phone contact details online via our Get Help page under "Need To Chat"


Regards - 

Community Founder

Re: Poor network

Are you sure you didn't recharge $30 instead of $40?
CORY | I do not work for Boost or Telstra.

Boost Care: 125 8881 or 1800 026 678 . Or Live Chat 24x7: