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Overdue TIO Complaint

Overdue TIO Complaint

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Overdue TIO Complaint

TIO directed Boost to contact me about my complaint by 2 Dec.  Still waiting, and TIO advise it will be 5 weeks before any of thier staff get to my case.  NOT GOOD


2nd problem - When I go to the Boost live chat page I get an Access Denied message.  That was happening today, and also many hours later this evening.  Also NOT GOOD


The underlying issue is that, depite my having set up Auto recharge, whcih worked as it should for quite a few months, in August I lost my mobile service.  I managed to speak to someone, who explained a new system had been introduced and they hadn't yet got the auto-recharge working (and I now can't contact anyone by phone, I can't find a number that works on the Internet).

I have repeatedly set up auto recharge ever since, but I lose service about the middle of each month, and expect to again in a few days (so TIO assistance in 5-weeks will be of no use).

Additionally, last month when I manualy recharged they initially put a hold on my bank account for 2 $20 sums and a $1 sum.  Eventually, the $1 didn't come out, but they still owe me a $20 refund (no, they have't rolled that over to the next month, because I have received the usual notice my service will be cut off).


Can anyone advise how I contact Boost, seeing as they don't have a listed phone nos, chat is down, etc?

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Rookie (LVL:4)

Re: Overdue TIO Complaint


I had received an SMS that my service would be stopped tonight.

I have now received a firther SMS that the auto-recharge has worked at last.


But auto0recharge didn't use the $20 duplicate charge they took last month, instead they are holding onto that, and I can do nothing about it.  The TIO is too busy to intervene (surprise surprise seeing as the TIO is part of the telecommunications industry, rather than a government organisation !!  I can't phone Boost, I can't chat, I can't email them, I can't web-mail them, i.e. absolutely no way of making contact (typical Telstra).


Can someone suggest any way of getting this money back?

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Re: Overdue TIO Complaint

Have you tried their complaints process as yet? They have an email address listed in there that may be of assistance.


* I am a Boost Australia customer. This is a peer to peer community where users help each other.