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How to recharge internationally

How to recharge internationally


How to recharge internationally



I've been a long time Boost Mobile customer and am currently in Japan. I recently recharged ($20) and realize that the new plans only include international on $30 and above.


Currently I don't even have normal network connection (so can't use #111# or access to recharge to a plan that includes international. I had reception earlier this week but guess the switch on July 28th has changed something.


Can someone please advise? Will this eventually get fixed or has there been a change to APN profiles?

Community Founder

Re: How to recharge internationally

If you have access (may require a VPN to Australia), you can recharge via any browser also.

You just input the number you want to recharge and follow the prompts.


I assume you mean calls to International numbers from Australia? Those are only on the higher monthly plans, yeh.


International roaming is not currently offered at all at the moment. But I believe calls via VoWIFI will still work while abroad, if you can connect that way on your phone.

* I am a Boost Australia customer. This is a peer to peer community where users help each other.