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How do I change offers?

How do I change offers?

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How do I change offers?

Please note that if you have an active recharge and you change your offer it will cancel any remaining credit, so make sure to use up all your credit beforehand!


Boost offers do change from time to time and so if you are on an old offer you may wish to switch across. Making the change is something that you can do on your phone in a few simple steps.


On your phone, open your favourite recharge option:

  • Boost Mobile App (available on Google Play™ or App Store)
  • (from your phone’s browser)
  • Dialling #111#

Go to “My Offer”. If there is a new offer available, you will see “Change Offer”. Select this and follow the instructions


Your inclusions will not change until you recharge again, so if you have an active recharge, it will still show the old offer until you recharge again.


Once you change offers, you won’t be able to change back, so check the offer details carefully before you make the change.


We also have a handy video guide for changing your offer via your phone's browser here.


Re: How do I change offers?


I recently purchased a Boost mobile phone from my localAustralia post shop.

At the time of purchase the ultimate recharge was $20 a month.

Upon the first recharge which was purchased from Coles,the number did not work, did notgive any credit and lost its validity.

My friend used their credit card to pay my monthly top uf fee.


My Boost fell due for a recharge this week and yesterday I went to thepost office I purchased the phone from since the coles recharge didnot work.

I tried recharging my phone but theprocess was unsucessful.


I have become aware the cost of the boost ultimate charge went up to $25 in June, hence the reasonthecoles recharge did not work.

Ihave not used the new $20 recharge from australia post, it cannot be entered anyway as there is no $20 choice.

Can I get the recharge refunded or renewed for a $25 recharge, is it possible.


May I ask if you have services available that do use a $20 recharge currently.

The post shop were not very polite about this and it is the first venture into using smart phones and receipts to pay for stuff, the shop said to just buy another recharge for $25 but thats the second month.  SHouldnt their cashregister be changed to reflect the new charges as both coles and australia post staff thought the ultimate recharge was still $20.

Thank you.


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Re: How do I change offers?

I would suggest calling or chatting with Boost Support, hopefully they would be able to help you out. 

They might be able to apply the credits for you with the codes or something to help hopefully.


They are on 1258881 or LiveChat