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How do I activate my Boost Mobile Pre-paid service?

What you’ll need to activate your Pre-Paid service:


  • Your device and new SIM starter kit
  • A valid form of ID, either:

                1. Australian Driver Licence or Learner Permit,

                2. Medicare card,

                3. Australian passport or,

                4. International passport with valid Australian visa


Under government regulation, we must verify your identity. 


If you’re bringing a number from another provider, have your previous account information to hand.


How to activate on a mobile phone:


  • Insert the SIM into your phone and switch it on
  • Wait for the SMS that includes a link to activate
  • Select the link or copy it into your browser to activate your service

If you didn’t get the SMS, visit and follow the prompts. You don’t need an internet connection or credit balance to access this page.


If you have a Pre-Paid Android phone from Boost Mobile, select ‘Tap to Activate’ at the bottom of your home page to get started.


Activate on a tablet, computer or mobile broadband-connected device


You don’t need an internet connection or credit balance to access this page.


Bringing your existing number to Boost Mobile?


  • It’s important that you have a 3 G 850 MHz compatible handset to use with your SIM

Bring your existing number to Boost Mobile from Telstra?


  • If you’re bringing your number across to Boost Mobile from Telstra, you’ll need a blank SIM that will be compatible on the Boost Network. To request a blank SIM, chat to our customer care team at  Boost Live Chat
  • When you receive your blank SIM pack, contact Boost Live Chat to complete activation
  • If you are currently using an iphone please check iPhone unlocking process to check if your phone needs to be unlocked or not. 

Check if your Pre-Paid service is active


When you receive an email or SMS notification from us confirming your Pre-Paid service is active, you should be able to use your device. If it’s not working, try switching your device off and on again.


  • If you don’t receive an email or SMS, you can check if your service is active by inserting your SIM, switching your device on and checking whether signal bars appear. Alternatively, try accessing the internet from your device.
  • Regular activation takes about 10 minutes. In some cases it may take up to 4 hours.
  • If you’re bringing a number from another provider activation will occur 4 to 24 hours from processing. If you make the request outside business hours we’ll process it on the next business day.
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