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Feedback on auto recharge process

Feedback on auto recharge process

Rookie (LVL:3)

Feedback on auto recharge process

I wanted to share my experience on auto recharge, this process feel clumsy to me.


The help says the process is recharge, save the details, select auto recharge and set the next start date and the forget about it.


Here is where I have some frustration. This is not how it worked for me today


Let's say you recharge manually on 15th of the month as I just did. The current expiry is now 13th of the following month. I have now successfully set up auto recharge for the 16th of the month (my preferred recharge date).


Yet, even though I have now set up auto recharge, my expiry is still the 13th. Meaning I will have to go three days without credit! So much for forgetting about recharging again.


Another, less appealing option would have been to recharge on the 17th of the month and set the auto recharge to the 16th, so that it recharged automatically before the expiry.


For this to be a better, easier and less confusing process I think it should work like this:

1. When recharging manually, an option to setup auto recharge should be given, which would automatically extend the expiry to the auto recharge date if it is within 3 days of the initial expiry date


2. When setting up auto recharge, the current expiry date should be extended immediately to the auto recharge date if it is withing 3 days.


Now I'm worried that having set up auto recharge for tomorrow, I'm essentially going to be charged twice, once today and again tomorrow. Hopefully not.


I really like the Boost service and the support is great, but this auto recharge process seems more complicated than it needs to be.




Regards, Jonathan

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Rookie (LVL:3)

Re: Feedback on auto recharge process

An update for anyone that is interested!


Seems what the customer service rep told me via chat was not 100% correct.

As it transpires, my option 2 below is exactly how it actually works, now that I have checked the Boost app a couple of days after my recharge.


I recharged on the 17th, original expiry was 13th of the following month.

I then setup auto recharge to top up on the 16th, expecting to lose three days of credit and no roll-over data (this is what I was told via chat to the support team when I was confused and asked the question)

I then checked the Boost app a couple of days later and was surprised to find my new expiry has been extended to the 17th of next month, and I have roll-over data available (I am recharging on the $30 plan).


So, one happy customer again! For anyone from Boost who might read this, the articles on the support pages are really confusing about how auto recharge works, please look at doing them again, with more clarity.


For any Boost customer who was as confused by the the process as I was (it's not hard to confuse me I admit), I hope this update is useful.

Rookie (LVL:4)

Re: Feedback on auto recharge process

Yes I agree it’s confusing.
I wanted to set up auto recharge.
I activated my sim on the 3rd. Jan Boost said it expires at midnight 31st. Jan

I look at auto recharge says it needs credit card details to set it up. But it’s telling me once entered it will recharge.
I am frightened it will recharge on the day I enter my details. So I have been waiting till the expiry day (31st.) to be sure I get full use of my first month.
Today is the 31st - I planed to set an alarm for 10pm to set up auto recharge.

Could someone tell me if I was to set it up before it expires on the very first set up what happens?
A. does it recharge and begin a new month at the time you set it up.
B. Does it recharge at your Expiry date?

When you go though the setup procedure, to me itooks like A is what happens.
Rookie (LVL:4)

Re: Feedback on auto recharge process

Yup - I just spoke to service.

Here was his answer:
I will recommend you to setup the auto recharge on your current expiry date by recharging the account and saving the card details.

So he’s telling me not to set up AUTO recharge till the day of expiry other wise you do loose the rest of your monthly credit!!!!!

A simple Auto recharge on/off button entering CC details with plan choice is avalible with most other providers. Yet boost don’t offer it here. Mmm