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Double data not showing in app

Double data not showing in app


Double data not showing in app

So I've just signed up in Jan with the $30 recharge and the double data deal (first 2 months) doesn't appear to be applied when I look at my remaining data on the Boost app. My phones displays my usage from when I activated the account as about 2GB and the app is showing about 2GB remaining. This would account for the normal plan amount of 4GB. I should have 8GB for Jan and Feb.
Wanting to know if this is normal (app doesn't reflect the advertised double data deal even though it is valid/applicable) and if I go over the 4GB I'm not going to get some crazy bill.
Community Manager

Re: Double data not showing in app

Hi @New2boost,


Thanks for reaching out to us and first of all I apologise for any confusion regarding the double data. It sounds like the best team to talk to about this is our live chat experts to understand why this is the case. If I could kindly ask you get in touch with us via we will gladly investigate what's going on with those double credits.


- Tony