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Does Boost have the same coverage as Telstra?

Does Boost have the same coverage as Telstra?

Community Manager

Does Boost have the same coverage as Telstra?

One of the great features of being with Boost is that we use Telstra’s 3G and 4G networks. That’s 4G in all capital CBDs and associated airports, most surrounding suburban areas and in over 600 regional towns. When you’re not in these areas you’ll automatically switch to our fastest available 3G Network in areas around Australia.


Whilst Boost currently does not support Telstra’s 4GX Network you will find coverage available through Boost covers a significant portion of the Australia population.


For more information as to Boost coverage for your specific location, visit


- ToneB

Professional (LVL:1)

Re: Does Boost have the same coverage as Telstra?

@ToneB wrote:

"Whilst Boost currently does not support Telstra’s 4GX Network..."

Hello ToneB.

Please explain what  you mean by Boost not supporting Telstra's 4Gx network.

As I understand it, 4Gx is just a marketing name for Telstra's more recent 4G/LTE frequencies [700MHz & 2600MHz]. What is important, is what 4G/LTE frequencies are on board the user's phone. As we know, many overseas/ 'Grey Imports' do not have all of Telstra's needed frequencies on boerd - especialy Band 28 (700MHz).

[NOTE: only Australia, NZ, Indonesia & Thailand use Band 28 (700MHz), in our region.]


My experience [using an old Telstra Samsung s5 Mini/LTE) is that Boost does use the full Telstra spectrum 4Gx/4G/LTE, on all the frequencies available from the strongest tower source. I have no trouble getting Band 28 (700MHz), when there is a tower available.[ your 4Gx??]. The other main/ older 4G Band  - in built up areas - is still Band 3 (1800MHz). However, this has a limited range compared te the newer Band 28 (700MHz), that is still being rolled out around Australia. 


Where I live, in country Victoria, there are many black spots with no coverage. ALL the new country Telstra towers going on line have Band 28 for Data; as well as 3G for voice (850MHz). Some new towers no longer have 3g (850MHz) for Data as Band 28 has better range & speed than 3G. 

Many of the new City towers also have Band 28, because it penetrates buildings better than higher frequencies.


Some time ago I had a discussion with Boost Head Office re what we would get with the new Telstra Band 28/ 4Gx system. I was told that we would get the same coverage as Telstra (not the cut down coverage of Aldi & others); but the speed would be less than full Telstra customers. In fact that did not happen during the 1st year, as tested by several online reports. There is a lot of information/ history on this topic at, for those who wish to know more.


All the best, Shalama.



Community Manager

Re: Does Boost have the same coverage as Telstra?

Hi Shalama, 

A per Telstra's explanation - When analogue television was switched off in Australia, the spectrum it was running on – 700MHz – became available. We took up twice as much of this superior spectrum as any other carrier to deliver you 4GX.

Better in the bush – 4GX uses superior 700MHz spectrum that can go further than previous 4G frequencies, creating extra 4G coverage in rural and regional areas.

More for metro – 4GX offers extra 4G in-building coverage and faster 4G in-building speeds compared to our regular 4G, bringing speedy web access when you use a compatible device in a 4GX area.

I can confirm that 4GX speeds are not available to Boost customers. You can check your coverage here

Regards –

Professional (LVL:1)

Re: Does Boost have the same coverage as Telstra?

@TommyR wrote:

"I can confirm that 4GX speeds are not available to Boost customers". You can check your coverage here

Thank you TommyR, for that.


My previous response was that Boost do have the full Telstra (Retail) 4Gx/ LTE/ 700MHz coverage. The original post implied that Boost did not have the same 4Gx coverage as Telstra. I and others have no trouble with getting the Telsra 4Gx coverage, except for a very few Telstra towers that have had technical problems.


Yes, I understand that the Boost 4Gx/700MHz speed can be throttled back to 50 max download, as quoted by head office, way back.


My concern was that newcommers to Boost may not understand that the 4Gx/ (Band 28)/ 700MHz coverage is available; even if the higher speeds are reserved for Telstra's own customers. [I use 700MHz every day, in country victoria].


Regards, Shalama.