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Do sim deals apply for recharges?

Do sim deals apply for recharges?


Do sim deals apply for recharges?



I have been looking at switching to Boost from Telstra and have come across the $40 SIM for $15 deal. I would prefer to buy a sim at my local Officeworks as I cannot wait for a sim to be delivered (I need it next week before I go away)

So if I buy a "blank" $2 sim from Officeworks and then recharge $40 on it, will it only cost me $15?



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Re: Do sim deals apply for recharges?

To swap from Telstra to Boost you need a special blank sim, the $2 and $40 sim packs aren’t blank, they are already assigned a number and service ID on the system.

Some Telstra stores can help with Boost, but I haven’t heard of them having the blank SIM cards, as far as I know currently the only way to get one is for Boost to send one, but I guess if you find your nearest T Store on the list it might not hurt to see if they have any blank Boost sims in stock.