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Boost Auto Recharge is a SCAM

Boost Auto Recharge is a SCAM


Boost Auto Recharge is a SCAM

It has come to my attention and confirmed by a Customer Service person on the Boost chat that Boost now charges my Credit Card every 28 days instead of on the same day of the month, like they have done so for the past 6 years. It looks like this was changed in January 2020 on my account and I only just noticed it this week, when my auto recharge didn't go through for no reason.


By doing so Boost will be recharging 13 times a year instead of 12, effectively increasing the charges by almost 9%. IE: 13 x 28 = 364


This was done without any notification and without my authorisation or agreement.


I can no longer do business with a Company that lacks transparency.


Be warned people... You have been SCAMMED.


Re: Boost Auto Recharge is a SCAM

Hay there,

I've just noticed the same. Not happy about paying for 13 months/year either!


If any Boost officials are reading this can you please explain why the auto recharge now is only available on expiry of 28 days rather than a chosen date every month? Why has Boost decided to charge their customers for a month in the year that does not exist?