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Boost $180 Plan SIM and porting

Boost $180 Plan SIM and porting


Boost $180 Plan SIM and porting



I purchased a boost sim and ported my number over, then discovered a special dealing offering $200 Boost prepaid SIM at $180 and decided to purchase this. However it now appears that

a special SIM needs to be sent via post will I need to go through the porting process with this SIM? and if so will it port over?



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Re: Boost $180 Plan SIM and porting

The only way to go from a Boost sim to another Boost sim, is normally via a special blank sim card.

The promo sim cards packs are preloaded with their value, and are intended for new customers coming into Boost (not for existing customers).

Best to talk to Boost support to see if they can help.


Otherwise, you would probably need to get the number ported out of Boost/Telstra to another network, and then port it back into the promo sim.

* I am a Boost Australia customer. This is a peer to peer community where users help each other.


Re: Boost $180 Plan SIM and porting

Today is day 4 of trying to change plans from $20 per 28 days to $180 per annum.  I have been a Boost customer for years now, and although you would think this shouldn't be a difficult task, I am beginning to think it is impossible.  Sadly, I think this is typical Telstra (dis)service.

I have spent hours with the chat, been promised all is sorted and that I'd receive notification etc, but that was two days ago, and still nothing.

This is frustrating, infuriating and unacceptable.