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Automatic recharge did not happen

Automatic recharge did not happen


Re: Automatic recharge did not happen

My boost auto recharge didn't happen when it was suppose to the other day either. Contacting them on their website is useless however if you contact Christine Lazona she gets onto things straight away. You can either email any problems at or christine@

When I lost all my data I just recharged with $20 and got 5G. I usually get the $30 one. Anyway they have manually transferred 20G over so I'm happy now. Hope this helps peoples!


Re: Automatic recharge did not happen

For the 2nd month in a row, my auto recharge has not worked despite everything my end being OK. Both times, the consultant advised that they were having problems with their new system and reinstated the forfeited data roll-over plus some additional data in compensation.  This morning,  they suggested that next month I recharge it manually but could not guarantee that it would not get duplicated if the auto recharge also works in which case, they would refund me.

This is not good enough and if it happens again, they have lost me as a customer. 


Re: Automatic recharge did not happen

Hi Boost Community,


Is anyone else having issues with the auto-recharge function? For the past six months, my friend who is with Boost has been getting prompted to recharge every 2-3 months; even though auto-recharge was setup correctly.


Last week I rang and spoke with a Boost representative and explained the situation. This is the fourth time I have called Boost within the last six months about the same auto-recharge issue. Every time I call they either state to check with your bank to ensure that your card details haven't expired or that you have sufficient funds. The last time I rang, the rep said that they've been having issues with auto-recharge for the last month. I said to her that it's been at least six months that this issue has been prevalent. Looking at this community post, I can see that others are in the same boat. 


On top of all this, today my auto-recharge stopped working. I am also a Boost customer and have been for several years. I haven't had any issues until today. Now I'm also feeling the same frustration that others are experiencing due to this.


@Boost : When are you going to fix your auto-recharge system? Also, where is the communication to your Boost customers, explaining that there is an auto-recharge issue and what the current status is? 


It's really annoying that Boost does not communicate these issues to it's customers and leaves them in the lurch. This company seriously needs to get this fixed otherwise I'll be going to another Telco.


If you are experiencing this issue, please give a like and/or comment in this post.