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Auto recharge failed again

Auto recharge failed again

Rookie (LVL:3)

Auto recharge failed again

I posted this elsewhere, but in case nobody read that far, here it is again, and frankly, I am tired of the lack of service from Boost.


If you are here because you've struggled to contact somebody at Boost to help you when your auto recharge stops without warning, you are not alone.


I has just done it to me for the second time in 18 months.   No change to my credit card, it just stops billing all of a sudden.


Roll over data gone, nobody on a phone or message app, just a soulless automated "service" that redirects you to the SMS recharge option or a web messaging app that does not exist because they've turned it off.


About nine months ago it was the problem with the app not working, nobody to answer a call, no messaging service.  They fixed it after a month or two, no explanation.




I give up.  I am changing carriers.  I need the Telstra network because of where I live, but Boost is not even particularly good value any more and randomly losing my service and my rollover data is just not worth it.  I think I would not mind so much if there was someone I could speak to who could fix it for me, but its always a robot voice directing you to a service that does not exist.


Off to Telstra for me, I wish I could say it has been fun, but really, it's been a PITA.

Rookie (LVL:3)

Re: Auto recharge failed again

Happened to me yesterday too. I joined Boost three months ago, auto recharge worked in month two and three, but not yesterday. Lost all my rollover data.
The website says if you want help to send a message, but there don't seem to be any links to the messaging service.
Until this happened I was impressed with how well Boost was working, but this is definitely a PITA.

I also want to check which credit card I have set as my one for topping up, but that doesn't seem possible - all you can do is cancel the existing one, and start again.
Not happy Jan!!!

Rookie (LVL:3)

Re: Auto recharge failed again

Happened to me yesterday also. I have two services and both should have auto-recharged yesterday but did not, so I lost my roll-over data and will have to start again. Grrrrrrr.


Re: Auto recharge failed again

Happen to me this morning. Phone hasn't recharged and I've lost my roll over.
Also happened to my partner a fortnight earlier who's been on auto recharge for years. Not good enough!

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Re: Auto recharge failed again

I agree 100%.  I responded under a different in more detail but I feel this is deliberate.  I have had it drop off around 3-4 times at least and feel it is deliberate so that we the customers lose any banked data or credits.  

I asked this question to the customer service online chat and the only response was 'Yup'!!!

As soon as I can sort out a credit I have on my account I am moving to a different provider and seriously considering going back to a plan as I suspect these second tier providers are all much the same (although I have had great issues with Telstra!!).


Re: Auto recharge failed again

I'm just going through this nonsense now. I've had auto recharge for my wifes phone and mine, set up to be paid every month, for years. We don't use much data, so I'm not really worried about that, but at Christmas, both our phones wouldn't let us make calls. I can track every payment in my credit card history, and suddenly no payments were recorded in dec.2020..and NO one can tell me why. I got on to "live chat" which was better than trying to call someone, and now after a two hour session with My credit card bank and Boost, I'm still none the wiser. ( they gave me some BS technical reason and said it wouldn't happen again) I came in here thinking this was where I could set up an "automatic recharge" but after reading all the negative reviews, I might give them the big A too.

Rookie (LVL:3)

Re: Auto recharge failed again

Here we go again. This failed auto recharge is happening again today.

Last time I reported the issue was back in Sep 2020. It's time to move on to another provider.


For those who wants to stay with Telstra, I have another service with Aldi Mobile. They've never done this to me, ever since I've been with them. 


Adios Boost!