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Auto recharge - cmon, get it right

Auto recharge - cmon, get it right


Auto recharge - cmon, get it right

After finally figuring out how to get onto auto recharge, it has been ticking over nicely. However someone now has my credit card details (fraud) so I need to change the card used by the auto recharge.


Sadly it looks like I have only two options: #111#, or the mobile phone app. Both seem to have been designed without the user (me and you) in mind. They are confusing, difficult to use, provide poor feedback, and in the end leave the user wondering what their status is.


Furthermore, I cannot change the card today, to be used by the auto recharge on 21st. This is totally weird, and unlike any other online billing situation I've ever used.


I've just spent over 10 minutes on chat with someone at Boost, a complete waste of my time and Boost / Telstra money. How many other unnecessary support hours are wasted simply because of poor systems?


Please could you set up a simple web app that allows a new card to be added and used for auto recharge (and to do a regular recharge as well for that matter). And please get some UX people involved so it is more user friendly than the existing methods.

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Re: Auto recharge - cmon, get it right

Agreed it is a bit cumbersome, but luckily it would not be something needing to be done too often.

Essentially, you need to recharge once manually with the new card, and from there you can choose to save the card details (few future use). Once it is done manually, then you can select the card for the auto-recharge setup.

* I am a Boost Australia customer. This is a peer to peer community where users help each other.


Re: Auto recharge - cmon, get it right

I have tried the app. I have tried #111# and neither works.

I spent time on the live chat. He couldn't help.

I rang and the guy hung up on me!!!!

I just want to pay money. Why is it impossible to set up!


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Re: Auto recharge - cmon, get it right

You still haven't answered this persons question.

On top of that, I setup my "Auto recharge" several months ago, however all of a sudden my phone stopped working, only to find the "auto recharge" FAILED, which led to me losing all of my saved up data, so I stopped doing it via the auto recharge, and was doing it myself manually.


Last month I decided to reset my phone to auto recharge, and I thought everything would be fine, but I received a text stating that all texts, calls and data, will be lost if I don't pay my account.
****How come I can't find anywhere on my phone app, or my account on Computer, If I HAVE or HAVEN'T set the auto recharge? I need to find this out, as my account needs to be sorted within 12 hours.